Low Carb Everything Wrap 960 x 640

The low carb challenge: getting everything good in without the carbs!

Everest conquered with this super wrap full of seeds and healthy fibres. It's chocka-full of hemp, poppy, flax and chia seeds, along with quinoa, wheats and ryes. This mega wrap will make you the Hillary of any low carb diet.

These beauties are one of the healthiest wraps on the market giving you 37% of your daily fibre intake, 14% of your daily protein intake and have 50% less carbs than our spinach wrap. They are egg, dairy and yeast free, vegan friendly but do contain wheat, soy and sulphites.
There are four wraps in every pack and like a real rebel, they don’t crack under pressure. 

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Low Carb Everything Wrap 1920 x 780

Water, wheat flour (white, wholemeal), resistant starch (1412), wheat gluten, canola oil, wheat fibre, grains and seeds (wheat, rye, linseed, hemp seed, poppy seed, chia, quinoa), soy flour, vegetable gum (412), humectant (422), emulsifier (471), raising agents (341, 450, 500), white vinegar, cultured wheat flour, sugar, salt, acidity regulator (297), maize starch, preservatives (200, 202 223 (sulphite), 282), psyllium husk fibre.

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Egg, dairy and yeast free. Contains wheat, soy and sulphites

In Store Now

Rebel Bakehouse wraps can be found in the bread aisle of all good supermarkets around New Zealand.

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Low Carb Everything Wrap 960 x 960

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Give the next wrap in the range a go. All different, all delicious.


Our wraps are available at good supermarkets and food retailers. If your local does not stock our wraps go on, get rebellious and let them know or flick us an email.