To share their news, male crickets sometimes have chirping "duels", each one trying to sound better for potential mates. Rebel Bakehouse news is right here, no chirping required.

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Move over kimchi, kombucha and kale.

Read our most recent feature article on Newshub regarding the upcoming New Zealand AgriFood Week.

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Wraps – but not as we know it.

Breadcraft put hemp seeds and crickets in supermarkets.

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First mainstream hemp products in Kiwi supermarkets.

Growing demand for healthier and more sustainable food products.

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Hemp products go beyond the specialty shelves.

The trendy ingredient found its way into mainstream product categories

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Breadcraft launches hemp seed, cricket flour wraps.

The first to be stocked alongside more mainstream items in the bread aisle.

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Media release, 25 March 2019.

First mainstream hemp products in Kiwi supermarkets.

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Featured in Verve Magazine.

A healthy and delicious cricket flour wrap, with beetroot cured salmon.

Breadcraft tackling food sustainability

The team behind Rebel Bakehouse, opening NZ's first pilot cricket farm.


Our wraps are available at good supermarkets and food retailers. If your local does not stock our wraps go on, get rebellious and let them know or flick us an email.